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Ebraheem Fontaine
Graduate Student

Department of Mechanical Engineering
California Institute of Technology
MC 104-44
Pasadena, CA 91125

Office: 626-395-4165
Email: my first name AT robotics dot caltech dot edu



I am now an Analytic Scientist at Fair Isaac Corporation in San Diego, CA 
developing models for credit card fraud detection.  (September 2008)

California Institute of Technology Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering April 2008
California Institute of Technology M.S. Mechanical Engineering June 2004
Massachusetts Institute of Technology B.S. Mechanical Engineering June 2002

Research Interests

I am interested in the general fields of computer vision, estimation, optimization, learning, and recognition. Currently I am working on developing new techniques for studying animal behavior and locomotion. Currently my efforts focus on motion tracking and estimation. Future efforts will include developing robust recognition algorithms to identify different types of behavior. My hope is that novel vision tracking systems will help unravel the mysteries of animal behavior.

Fontaine, E.I., Zabala, F. Dickinson, M.H., Burdick, J.W. "Wing and body motion during flight initiation in Drosophila revealed by automated visual tracking."  Journal of Experimental Biology, to appear.
Zabala, F, Card, G.M., Fontaine, E.I., Murray, R.M., Dickinson, M.H. "Dynamics of Escaping Flight Initiations of Drosophila melanogaster" In IEEE RAS/EMBS Int. Conf. on Biomedical Robotics and Biomechatronics, 1-7, 2008. [pdf]
Fontaine, E., Lentink, D., Kranenbarg, S., Müller, U., van Leeuwen, J., Barr, A.H., Burdick, J. W. "Automated visual tracking for studying the ontogeny of zebrafish swimming." Journal of Experimental Biology, 211, 1305-1316, 2008[link]
Fontaine, E., Barr, A., Burdick, J. W. "Model-based tracking of multiple worms and fish."  In ICCV Workshop on Dynamical Vision, 2007. [pdf]
Fontaine, E., Barr, A., Burdick, J. W. "Automated Tracking of Multiple C. elegans."  In IEEE EMBC, 2006. [pdf]
MacIver, M. A., Fontaine, E., Burdick, J. W. "Designing future underwater vehicles: principles and mechanisms of the weakly electric fish." IEEE Journal of Oceanic Engineering, 29, 651-659, 2004. [pdf]

Conference Abstracts
Ebraheem I. Fontaine, Alan H. Barr, Joel W. Burdick. "Detailed automated visual tracking of biological model organisms."  International Conference on Methods and Techniques in Behavioral Research, Measuring Behavior, 2008 [link].
Ebraheem I. Fontaine, Allyson J. Whittaker, Paul W. Sternberg, Alan H. Barr, Joel W. Burdick. "Semi-automated tools for analyzing C. elegans male mating"  International C. elegans Meeting, 2007. [pdf]
Fontaine, E., Lentink, D., Kranenbarg, S., Müller, U., van Leeuwen, J., Barr, A.H., Burdick, J. W. "Automated visual tracking for the analysis of zebrafish swimming." International Congress on Neuroethology, 2007. [pdf]

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