Multi-Worm Tracking

We have developed automated and semi-automated tracking algorithms for C. elegans nematode.  Our model based method uses region and edge visual cues to estimate the worm posture using a Sigma-Point Kalman Filter.

Our currently goal is to provide quatitative analysis of the male mating behavior in collaboration with the laboratory of Professor Paul Sternberg [link].

Raw Video
IV50 Codec Needed)
Automated Tracking

Semi-Automated Tracking

Zebrafish Tracking

We have also successfully tracked the planar motion of zebrafish of various shapes and sizes using techniques similar the worms.  In our videos, fish are filmed from a dorsal view, and a startle response is elicited by touching with a horse hair.

Current efforts involve measuring the influence of vertebra development on swimming capabilities in collaboration with the Experimental Zoology Group of Wageningen University [link].

Automated Tracking

Fish Tracking Software [.zip; 30Mb]
  • Includes sample video sequence with tracking solutions
  • See README file in 'docs' directory
  • For citation purposes, the software can be referenced to:
Fontaine, E., Lentink, D., Kranenbarg, S., Müller, U., van Leeuwen, J., Barr, A.H., Burdick, J. W. "Automated visual tracking for studying the ontogeny of zebrafish swimming." Journal of Experimental Biology, 211, 1305-1316, 2008.

Insect Tracking

Automated tracking of free flight Drosophila from multiple calibrated cameras has been demonstrated.  

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