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This page gathers references and materials related to the study of

  • Gaussian Process (GP) State Space Models (SSM)
  • Deep Learning
  • Koopman Spectral Methods.

Gaussian Process Approaches

Basic Gaussian Process Info

  • Rasmussen and Williams

Web Links

Papers on GP-SSMs

Deep Learning

Papers on Deep Learning

Review-like papers

Papers on Scattering Networks

Scattering Networks are proposed by Stephan Mallat (of wavelet fame) to understand why deep nets work so well.

  • J. Anden, S. Mallat, [[Media:DeepScatteringSpectrum.pdf | Deep Scattering Spectrum], 2015


Web Links

Koopman Spectral Method

Papers on Koopman Spectral methods

Papers which are more oriented toward control

Papers which are more oriented toward fluids

Some Early Papers

Other Papers