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ME/CS 132 Class Meeting Schedule: Mon./Wed. 9:30-10:30 a.m.; Fri. 10:00-11:00 a.m.
ME 131 Class Meeting Schedule Mon. 10-11 am; Tues. noon-1pm; Wed. noon-1 p.m.
ME 131 Class Location: Thomas 306

Lecturer: Joel Burdick , Mail Code 104-44, Room 319 Thomas, (626) 395-4139,

TA: Jeremy Ma, Room 310 Thomas,,
Office Hours: TBD


To the extent possible, all course handouts should be available on this web site. Photocopied handouts that are not available in on-line electronic form can be obtained from Mrs. Maria Koeper, Thomas 319.

ME/CS 132 Homework

ME 131 Homework


Course Texts

1) The main text for the first half of the course is: You can buy this book on-line at Amazon . Also, a preprint of the text is available freely on-line . This book provides a comprehensive summary of classical motion planning theory. It also includes excellent reference material on information-space approaches to planning, and evasion-pursuit algorithms (some of LaValle's research). While these subjects are beyond the immediate scope of this class, they accessible to interested students.

2) For the second half of the course, the following book is recommended (but not required):

This text is also available at Amazon (in both new and used versions).

3) Interested students may wish to also consult the following classic (but now out-of-print) text on motion planning:

A copy is available in the Caltech library.


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